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Marcelo Benedicto Jr. – Media Design

Recognize. Relate. React.

Bold Graphic Design

Brochures and flyers should be impactful and lead the viewer to a desired call to action.

Website Design

Web design has evolved in many ways and having the resources to blend both visual and technology is a foundational requirement.

Book Cover Design

This book was self-published by an interventional cardiologist for heart failure patients and includes comprehensive information to manage the condition.

Infographics and Diagrams

Clear and concise illustrations allow healthcare providers to quickly understand educational concepts.

Instructional Design or E-Learning is here to stay

Early e-learning or internet based training was often a collection of long text and occasional images as an outgrowth of traditional printed media. Shortly after the ‘slide deck’ approach was developed and became the standard for a while.

Current applications and web-based teaching tools incorporate live or packaged video lectures, interactive quizzes, gamification, and other strategies to keep the learner engaged as they move through lessons. The metrics and rubrics for gauging the learners engagement and processing of the material can be collected and measured within an app or learning management system.

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